Equitack restores saddles to their original form

Equitack offers you high quality products. You want a western saddle or a unique English saddle? No challenge is beyond the reach of our saddler. In addition, we also repair and restore used english saddles for sale and equestrian products.

The advantages of having a custom saddle

  • All pieces are carefully chosen and adjusted to your anatomy, to avoid physical discomfort after long walks.

  • All pieces are carefully chosen and adjusted to the anatomy of your horse, to ensure its comfort.

  • The design is based on your use and the type of equestrian activity you do.

  • The design is thought according to your tastes and desired particularities.

  • The saddle has exceptional durability thanks to its manufacture from the best materials. It is much stronger than manufactured saddles.

And if you change your horse? No problem. With some adjustments by your saddler, the trick is played. Moreover, as it is always a high-end product, your modified saddle does not lose its value.

Stool repair

Two reasons explain the hardening and tarnishing of the leather upholstery. The first is related to aging and drying caused by time. This phenomenon is amplified if the material is often exposed to the sun, if it is regularly splashed (water, mud or earth) or if it undergoes weather all year round.

The materials used are first choice and everything is done so that the leathers used are as close as possible to the original leathers. For the oldest pieces, it is possible to perform the restoration using the same techniques as those used in their manufacture. When this is possible, the workshop offers a repair that reinforces the damaged part and allows a longer life of the equipment, in respect of its aesthetics.

So, it is in these conditions that the maintenance of the saddle is essential. If you can no longer take care of your saddle, opt for a full repair or restoration at Equitack.